Revision of Friends of the West Caldwell Public Library from March 23, 2013 - 9:47am

The Friends of the West Caldwell Public Library are a group of local citizens brought together by a love of libraries. All persons interested in the services provided by the Friends of the West Caldwell Public Library are eligible for membership in the Friends. Membership is obtained by the payment of annual dues, renewable each year.

What do the Friends of the West Caldwell Public Library do?

Publicity - The Friends publish the quarterly newsletter InfoBytes which describes new and current services at the Library as well as upcoming events. Additional post card mailings are also sent as necessary to publicize events.

Fundraising - The Friends raise money from membership dues and fundraising events.

Provide Funding for Library Equipment - We provide supplies and equipment for the library as needed such as puppets for the Youth Services Department, display easels and new CD cases.

Provide Funding for Programs - The Friends regularly underwrite the costs of adult and youth programs at the Library and co-sponsor historical programs with the Historical Society of West Caldwell.

Volunteer Activities -The Friends volunteer regularly to help out in the Library.



President - Arlene Berkowitz
Vice President - Polly Payne
Treasurer - Laverne Nelson
Corresponding Secretary - Jane Berisso
Recording Secretary - Sandy Grossman
Member-at-Large - Lila Rubin
Member-at-Large - Ralph Franzese
Member-at-Large - Renee Reiser
Member-at-Large - Elaine Stout
Member-at-Large - MaryLynn Ventola
Immediate Past President - Ron Day
Library Director - April L. Judge
Committee Chairman Membership Chairman -Audrey Ott