Revision of Computer and Internet Access from August 2, 2012 - 3:22pm

The West Caldwell Public Library offers free internet access to the public on 10 public access computers. Anyone with a valid West Caldwell Public Library card, a valid library card from a BCCLS library, or a Public Library card with an active open borrowing account, can make a reservation to use the internet with their library card. All other users must receive a guest pass to access the computers. All patrons are limited to a maximum of two hours of internet access per day. Additional time may be granted at the discretion of the Reference Librarian on duty. The Library also offers free WiFi access for patrons with laptop and mobile devices.

  • The West Caldwell Public Library does not permit the display of pornographic material in the Library.
  • The West Caldwell Public Library does not permit chat room use, instant messaging, or instant response e-mail.
  • The computers in the Children's Room are for the use of children 12 years old and younger. Use by adult or teen patrons is prohibited, unless they are specifically assisting a child.
  • Children may use the Library computers for access to our online catalog. Children under the age of ten may only access the internet with a parent or legal guardian - not an older brother or sister under the age of eighteen.
  • Patrons or legal guardians of minor children are solely responsible for the internet use and behavior of the children in their care. The Library cannot assume that responsibility.
  • The Library staff reserves the right to limit internet use if there are patrons waiting for an open computer.
  • The Library staff reserves the right to terminate computer access for any patron whose behavior at a computer work station disrupts or disturbs other patrons or Library staff.
  • It is a criminal offense for a patron to alter the settings or configuration of any Library computers or to damage or misuse Library computers.

Using Microsoft Office Suite:

The Library offers one computer with access to Microsoft Office software. Patrons must sign-in at the Reference Desk to use these computers. Patron use is limited to one hour if another patron is waiting to use the computer. Paper must be purchased prior to printing from the Reference Desk. All patrons must pay for printing, including patrons that provide their own printing paper.

  • When not in use, computers are available on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Patrons must present a form of ID when they sign-up. Acceptable forms of ID include, but are not limited to, passports, drivers licenses, and West Caldwell Public Library cards.
  • The West Caldwell Public Library is not responsible for documents lost due to power outages, viruses, damaged disks, or improperly saved files.
  • Patrons may not copy software from the computers.
  • A maximum of two people can work at a workstation at a time.
  • All users must have basic computer skills.
  • Patrons are responsible for the cost of any physical damage to the computers.
  • The Reference Staff is available to help in basic operations of the workstations. However, staff cannot provide in-depth training concerning the use of Microsoft Office software or personal computer use.

Printing Fees:

$.25 per page for black ink printing

$.50 per page for color ink printing