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CITYOFDARKMAGIC_FLYTE.jpegCity of Dark Magic - Magnus Flyte
Call Number: FIC FLYTE

The city of Prague is steeped in history and (according to legend) hell portals. Neurological Musicology scholar, Sarah Weston is floored when she learns her mentor and fellow Beethoven enthusiast, Dr. Sherbasky, committed suicide while researching Beethoven in Prague. Shortly thereafter, Sarah is offered Sherbasky’s job at Prague Castle cataloging Beethoven's manuscripts. Despite her suspicion of the circumstances surrounding her mentor’s demise, Sarah takes the job in Prague. Soon after Sarah arrives, it comes to light that Sherbasky may not have committed suicide after all. As Sarah delves more deeply into the mystery surrounding Sherbasky’s death and his research on Beethoven, she manages to get arrested, discover time-travel, and cross a powerful U.S. senator. Flyte has written a funny and intriguing novel that should appeal to lovers of time-travel fiction, historical fiction, and romance. Precious M.

CROSSROADS_YOUNG.jpegCross Roads - Will Paul Young
Call Number: FIC YOUNG

Upon suffering a cerebral event, Tony witnesses his life coming before him as he remains in a coma. During this time he is able to live through the lives and experiences of the people that are caring for him or was part of his past life. Very successful at business he was a miserable wretch. With the help of his spiritual father, son and mother he is able to right the wrong he created in life.  Anita H.

dognamedboo_edwards.jpegA Dog Named Boo- Lisa Edwards
636.7 EDW

This is a true story about Lisa Edwards, a professional dog trainer, who rescues a dog that turns out to have special needs, who becomes an unlikely hero. Through patience and understanding, Boo eventually becomes a service dog and touches many lives. Lisa actually believes that Boo rescued her. This is a fascinating story about the amazing contributions made by service dogs. Debbie L.

EVERYDAY_LEVITHAN.jpegEvery Day - David Levithan

Every Day is a young adult novel by David Levithan. I advise you NOT to read what this book is about, but rather just pick it up and try it! I will tell you this: it is a quick read that gives great insight into the minds of teens while weaving together a unique love story. Sandy C.

JUDGINGABOOKBYITSLOVER_LETO.jpegJudging a Book by Its Lover - Lauren Leto
Call Number: 818.602 LETO

Ms. Leto humorously explores the world of books and those that write them. She gives witty advice to those who plan to share and discuss their book knowledge with others. Chapters include“”Rules for Public Reading, “What Your Child Will Grow Up To Be If You Read Them…,” “How to Fake It” and “Strategies to Avoid Discussing the Major Plot Points of Any Novel.” April J.

longestwayhome_mccarthy.jpegThe Longest Way Home: One Man's Quest for the Courage to Settle Down - Andrew McCarthy

McCarthy, an actor and award-winning travel writer, honestly relays his own story. He explores his personal fears and inability to commit, and connects them with his amazing international travel to such places as Patagonia and Kilimanjaro. Amy M.


My Week With Marilyn - Colin Clark
Available in BCCLS

I just started reading My Week with Marilyn by Colin Clark. It's the true story of his adventure with Marilyn Monroe while filming The Prince and the Showgirl. It also has the diary he kept which he calls The Prince, The Showgirl and Me. So far I'm enjoying it. Rose R.

THEPASSAGE_CRONIN.jpegThe Passage - Justin Cronin
Call Number: FIC CRONIN

A top secret U.S. government experiment to develop a new immunity-boosting drug based on a virus carried by South America bats turns into a catastrophe. The highly contagious virus and the governments first test subjects are set loose, and in a short time almost the entirety of the nation’s human population is either killed or turned into immortal vampires. In the post-apocalyptic world that emerges, small bands of survivors living in militarized colonies attempt to survive. This is a dark and sometimes frightening novel and should appeal to vampire fiction and horror fans. Precious M.

POLITICALSUICIDE_PALKMER.jpegPolitical Suicide- Michael Palmer
Call Number: FIC PALMER

Michael Palmer's latest book, Political Suicide, is one of his best medical thrillers. Dr. Lou Welcome, himself a recovering addict, receives a call from "society doctor" Dr. Gary McHugh. Welcome has been supervising McHugh, an alcoholic, through his work with the Physician Wellness Office. McHugh has been found unconscious in his wrecked car after visiting Congressman Elias Colston, Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee. After McHugh awakens in the ER, Colston's wife returns home to find her husband shot dead in their garage. McHugh admits to having an affair with the Congressman's wife and is subsequently arrested for his murder. McHugh swears to Welcome that he is innocent and asks him to investigate. Dr. Welcome agrees to look into the incident and finds himself in the middle of a deadly conspiracy that puts his life in danger Barbara P.

shanghaigirls_see.jpegShanghai Girls - Lisa See
Call Number: FIC SEE

This moving novel traces the lives of Pearl Chin and her younger sister May as they attempt to stay in Shanghai at the height of the Japanese invasion. But after a horrific incident, they travel to America where their husbands from arranged marriages live. The novel is a poignant look at how the Chinese were treated as they tried to immigrate to American to fulfill all their hopes and dreams. The ending leaves the reader wanting more which they can discover in the sequel, Dreams of Joy. See also wrote On Golden Mountain (owned by other BCCLS libraries), an autobiographical look at how her ancestors came to America and attempted to acclimate into the culture of America. April J.


Silver Linings Playbook - Matthew Quick
Call Number: FIC QUICK

Matthew Quick’s debut novel is a touching and funny story about the foibles of a sheltered and emotionally disturbed young man (Pat Peoples) and his quirky relationship with a beautiful, but unstable widow (Tiffany). As the story opens, Pat has just been released from a mental institution and is living with his parents in a New Jersey suburb. He eagerly hopes to reunite with his estranged wife Nikki and begins a serious exercise routine to get in shape and win her approval. At the same time, he begins seeing a therapist to resolve some of his deep-seated emotional issues. One day while jogging he meets Tiffany, a beautiful neighbor with some emotional problems of her own. She is drawn to him and begins to pursue him, which complicates matters for Pat. How the odd pair tries to navigate a timid friendship leads to a compelling and delightfully offbeat story about second chances for two broken, yet endearing people and the zany characters in their lives. (Adapted into a film starring Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence, which has been nominated for 8 Academy Awards) Ethan G.

sophiaswar_avi.jpegSophia's War A Tale of the Revolution - Avi
Call Number: J AVI

Avi’s historical fiction for children combines fact with suspenseful adventure and heroic young people. (Part I) It’s 1776 and 12-year-old Sophia lives in New York City with her parents and her brother William. She is greatly distressed when she sees Nathan Hale hanged for being an American patriot fighting for liberty. Sophia and her family are supporters of America’s desire for liberty from British control. Her brother William goes off to fight the British only to be captured and die an untimely, horrible death on a prison ship where the conditions and treatment are inhuman. Sophia struggles not only with the conflict of war and the loss of her brother, but also with the fact that she has fallen in love with a young British officer, Lieutenant John Andre, who is assigned to live in her family’s home while stationed in New York. Sophia finds that she is at war with herself when her feelings for John Andre collide with her realization that he will not help her obtain the release of her imprisoned brother and that Andre is a spy. (Part II) Sophia picks up her story at age 15 when she becomes a spy for the American cause. Circumstances place Sophia in the position of spying on and exposing John Andre who is now a major in the British military. She learns that Andre is conspiring with Benedict Arnold to betray the American military by surrendering West Point to the British. If she reveals this information to the American troops, her actions will put John Andre to death. Debbie D.


wonder.jpgWonder - R.J. Palacio
Call Number: J Palacio

Wonder by R.J. Palacio is about a boy who was born with such severe facial deformities that he has been home schooled to avoid having to deal with the reactions of other children and adults. As he enters 5th grade, his parents believe the time has come for him to join the rest of the world. This remarkable story is told from rotating points of view. Auggie starts off the narrative, but other students, his sister and her boyfriend, all share their perspectives in rotation. Initially, his classmates find his presence repulsive and hard to deal with. As they come to know Auggie as a person, acceptance slowly a being to develop until the school unites around Auggie.Linda G.




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