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What We're Reading   Summer 2014

The silkworm

The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith

Call Number: MYS GAL

Cormoran Strike is back as a detective in this mystery novel written by J.K. Rowling under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith. Coming off his success in the Lula Landry murder case, Cormoran has his choice of clients and he chooses Leonora Quine. Quine's husband Owen is a writer and he's missing. Cormoran first finds Owen's last manuscript which contains blistering portrayals of those closet to him and he finally finds Owen's body served up in the same manner as the main character in his own story. Join Cormoran as he wades through the possible suspects and apprehends the murderer. ~ Debbie L.

Girls like us

Girls Like Us by Gail Giles
Call Number: YA FIC Giles

Quincy and Biddy are two girls who know what it's like to be on the outside. Quincy has a facial disfigurement and mental problems caused by childhood abuse. Biddy is a mentally-challenged girl whose grandmother treats her little better than an animal. When the girls graduate high school, they are paired up together  in their own apartment as part of an assisted living program.  Things start to look up as they navigate new jobs and friendships, but a tragic event and the re-opening of old emotional wounds puts their entire world in jeopardy. This gritty, realistic story about the struggles and triumphs of two tough, unique characters goes a long way towards presenting an honest picture of what it is like for mentally-challenged teens to enter the adult world. Older teens and adults will be cheering for Quincy and Biddy in this ultimately hopeful story. ~Diedra


Five Days by Douglas Kennedy
Call Number: FIC KENNEDY

Radiology technician Laura Warren attends a weekend conference in Boston where she meets Richard, an equally confused and lonely salesman. The two feel an immediate attraction and begin to plan a better life together. Sad marriages, broken dreams and self-doubt fade away with their passionate affair. Given a second chance for the lives they dreamed of, can they find the courage to start over?  ~Karen F.


mebeforeyou_moyes.jpgMe Before You- Jojo Moyes
Call Number: FIC MOYES

ory about two people from completely different backgrounds brought together by life changing situations. Louise Clark is a young woman, still living at home, who has just lost her job at a local coffee shop. Will Trayner, on the other hand, had a successful career which came to an abrupt end after an unfortunate accident leaves him a quadriplegic. Louisa's family depends upon her for income so she accepts a job as Will’s care giver for a six month time period. How Louise's relationship with Will changes and her attempt to have him look at his situation is the heart of the story. It deals with families and how they deal with making difficult choices.   Barbara P.

oleandergirl.jpegOleander Girl - Chitra Divakaruni

Korobi Roy, orphaned at birth, enjoyed a privileged childhood with her adoring grandparents in Kolkata, India. Shortly after becoming engaged to Rajat, the only son of a high profile business family, her grandfather dies of a sudden heart attack. Soon after that, serious financial problems and a devastating secret about Korobi's past come to light. Shattered by this discovery, Korobi decides to undertake a courageous search across America to find her true identity. This journey will lead her to the most difficult decision of her life. A beautiful, suspenseful love story that is engaging and entertaining.    Debbie L.


orphantrain.jpegOrphan Train-Christina Baker Kline
Call Number: FIC KLINE

Seventeen year old Molly who lives with foster parents steals a book from the library. She has to complete 50 hours of community service rather than face time in juvenile hall.  Her job is to help 91 year old Vivian clean out her attic. And while sorting through boxes and boxes of  old “stuff”, Vivian’s past beginning with her families’ immigration to New York City and eventually her journey on an orphan train to the Minnesota comes vividly alive as the two build a friendship of trust, understanding and  compassion.     April J.


The Obituary Writer- Ann Hood
Call Number: FIC HOOD

It is 1961 on the eve of Kennedy’s Presidential inauguration when the entire country is filled with hope for the future but Claire is unhappily married and pregnant. But is her husband really the baby’s father?  Woven together with the heartbreaking story of the loss of Vivien’s lover in the San Francisco Earthquake of 1906, these two stories intersect at the novel’s surprising conclusion.   April J.

penderwicks.jpegThe Penderwicks- Jeanne Birdsall
Call Number: J BIRDSALL

This is a refreshingly nostalgic read about four sisters who truly care for each other and find plenty of adventure when they travel to an estate in the Berkshire Mountains for their summer vacation. Travel along with Rosalind, Skye, Jane, Batty, their father and their dog, Hound as they explore the estate, become friends with the boy who lives there and enjoy the most delicious gingerbread!  A sweet summer tale!  Amy M.


reconstructingamelia.jpegReconstructing Amelia- Kimberly McCreight

After her teenage daughter Amelia’s mysterious suicide, her mother Kate (a partner in a Manhattan law firm) becomes an unlikely amateur sleuth in this taut psychological thriller. Kate refuses to believe that her daughter, an excellent student at a prestigious private school, would commit suicide after being suspended for plagiarism. As she begins to explore recent events in Amelia’s life, she uncovers dark secrets, cryptic emails and blog entries, and kinky Facebook posts. She also discovers that Amelia was a member of an illicit all-girls club that practiced hazing and severe bullying. How Kate unravels the mystery of Amelia’s death leads to a suspenseful novel complete with a dark mood, clever form, and unanticipated conclusion.  Ethan G.


Son - Lois Lowry
Call Number: YA FIC LOWRY

This is the final installment in the quartet of The Giver, Gathering Blue and Messenger which deftly draws together the sometimes seemingly disparate story lines. The main character is a 14 year Claire, who, after an emergency c-section, is "decertified" as a Birthmother and assigned to another job. But Claire is haunted by the separation from her child and must find him. I highly recommend reading the first three books in the series first. Thoughtful, provocative and very entertaining.  Linda G.


Three Times Lucky - Sheila Turnage
Call Number: J TURNAGE

Mo LoBeau was found washed ashore during a hurricane by the Colonel who named her Mo before he realized she was not a boy. Eleven year old Mo is a "rising 6th grader" and ward of the Colonel, owner of the local cafe, and Miss Lana, the hostess of the cafe. Mo is always searching for her mother by placing notes in bottles and giving them to neighbors to throw into the river when they had upstream. Then a murder occurs and everything gets really crazy. Mo is smart and insightful and the rest of the usually quirky characters are just a lot of fun. The audio version of this book is just delightful.  Linda G.



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