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Free cards are available to all residents of xxxxx Borough and Township. You can get a card immediately at the library with identification and proof of residence or you can sign up online (in English or Spanish) and your application will be processed within three business days. Cards are renewed every three years.

Free cards are also available to non-resident xxxx township property owners, business owners, teachers who work in a public or private school in xxxx township, librarians employed in a library located in New Jersey and literacy tutors or their students. Cards are renewed annually.

$50 cards are available to non-residents who work or attend school in xxx township. Cards are renewed annually.

Non-residents 62 years of age or older may purchase cards for $50/year.

Other non-residents may purchase cards for fees equivalent to the tax payments of local residents. The fees for one card are $30 for one month;  $50 for 3 months; $90 for 6 months; and $150 for one year.

Cards for additional household members are $15 each. Non-resident cards may be renewed at the end of the subscription period upon payment of an additional fee.

Lost library card replacement fee: $2

xxx township Area Residents
Parts of several other municipalities share xxxx township ZIP codes and mailing addresses. In addition, many area subdivisions not within the border of xxxx township Borough or Township include the word” in their names. While we regret that we are unable to offer free borrowing privileges to residents of these communities, we can direct you to the public library that serves your local community.